Superintendent's Report

Parking lot needs replacing

Parking lot needs replacing
The Minneota School Board is asking the taxpayers to approve a $500,000 per year technology levy (question 1) and a 7.6 million dollar building bond (Question 2).
Projects included in question 2 are a cafetorium, new playground equipment, permanent bathrooms at K.P. Kompelien Field, a new wrestling practice room, a replacement of the current parking lot, fixing the drainage issue by the junior high softball field, and a safer drop-off/pick-up zone for students.

Why do we need to replace the current parking lot?
Our current parking lot was installed over 40 years ago. The district has done regular maintenance and resurfacing over the years to preserve the lot, but it has now deteriorated beyond a simple fix.
There are large potholes on the north side of the parking lot near the pool. These potholes will only get worse over time making that area unsafe to drive. There is also cracking throughout the parking lot; it has worsened over the last few years and will continue to degrade. We had an expert look at it a few years ago, and his only recommendation was a total replacement of the lot.
Because the lot needs to be replaced, we would also like to address the following:
a. Install sidewalks to allow a safer path to the building.
b. If the bond passes, there will be a door near the parking lot to enter the building. Staff will be encouraged to use the new parking lot, which will open up more parking for our parents when visiting.
c. We will create a logical traffic flow to increase safety and allow for delivery trucks to get to the loading dock.
As a reminder, absentee voting began on Sept. 17 and runs through Nov. 1. If you are interested in obtaining an absentee ballot, don't hesitate to contact Tara at 507-872-6532. Otherwise, in-person voting will occur at the Minneota Community Center on Nov. 2 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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