Superintendent's Report

Para-professional Appreciation Week

This week is para-professional Appreciation Week. Para-professionals are an integral part of our school system. Para-professionals wear many hats, including one-on-one assistance with our students, helping our teachers with tasks, lunch and recess duty, bus supervision, working at our sporting events and much more.
We are very lucky to have these people in our schools. If you see a para-professional, please tell them thank you.
Para-professionals at the Minneota Public Schools include the following: Brianna Anderson, Sally Campbell, Brittney Engels, Kathy Fier, Stephanie Freeman, Vicki Lozinski, Deborah Mariscal Leos, Denise Micken, Sandy Minnehan, Brenna Schuttler, Brandi Stefansen, Kiara Thompson, Tami Tolk, Robin Traen, Carmen Yost, Denise Buysse, Janet Faris, Caryn Hetland, Zita Miskiniene, Marlys Skaar, and Jackie Skorczewski.

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