Elementary: (front row, left to right)  Adelle Molina, Trevor Gronke, Brooks Johnston and Colt Bouwman. Back: Allie Myhre,  Brock Kremin, Dalton Orvis and Gage Johnston.

December Elementary Viking Valor

Pre-Kindergarten: Colt Bouwman comes to school every single day with a smile and greets the teachers with a good morning! Each morning he checks the happy helper tree to see what his job is for the day. He takes his jobs very seriously and makes sure they get done without being told. His favorite is being the teacher’s helper or the center inspector. He helped a friend who was feeling left out and taught some friends how to play Candyland. He’s kind to everybody and helps the teachers. He uses his manners and says, “Please” and “Thank you.” He is always ready to go when it is time for the next part of the day and LOVES to learn! Your teachers are proud of you, Colt Bouwman! Keep up the fantastic work!

Kindergarden: Trevor Gronke. The Kindergarten teachers would like to nominate Trevor for the December Viking Valor Student of the Month. He is one of first in the classroom to get his things ready to go to start the day. You can find him in class focused on the teacher and his task at hand. He is a great role model for positive behavior in the hallway and he is quiet and smiling. When you see him in the classroom, you will quickly notice he is eager to help his classmates if they need something. He is frequently found helping keep our classroom neat and tidy. Congratulations to Trevor Gronke! Great job on showing the Viking Valor behavior all year long!

First Grade: Brooks Johnston. The first grade teachers would like to nominate a student because he has worked very hard in the month of December to show their Viking Valor. He has gone above and beyond to help others both inside and outside of the classroom. Simple things like holding open the door for others, offering to help the teacher or another student, and always using please and thank you are some examples of this student’s great work. He also been doing a good job in the classroom and not giving up on work that was getting a little difficult. Congratulations and keep up the great Viking Valor work, Brooks Johnston!

Second Grade: Adelle Molina. She has many outstanding qualities. This second grader works hard to complete assignments on time and show thorough work. As a classmate, she helps others with questions or tasks without being asked to do so. She has positive behavior in both the hallway and lunchroom; even cleaning up for others. “We appreciate a smile from second grader each morning as they enter the classroom,” said her teachers. Congratulations to Adelle Molina for being our December Student of the Month!

Third Grade: Gage Johnston. The third grade teachers nominated Gage because he has gone above and beyond in and out of the classroom. He comes to school each day with a positive attitude and love for school and classmates. He does his best in the classroom every day by showing what high expectations look like for his classmates in his class work and readiness for each subject. Gage listens well and works extremely hard to get his/her work done efficiently. He also makes a conscious effort at the end of each day to help the teacher clean the classroom so it is ready for the next day. Thank you for being a true role model to your classmates! Congratulations, Gage Johnston!

Fourth Grade: Allie Myhre. Allie shows respect by raising her hand when answering questions instead of blurting out the answers. She is a great listener inside and outside of the classroom. She shows honor by completing her work on time, being responsible, and does her best everyday. She meets high expectations by helping others that may be struggling, and helps clean up the room without even being asked. Keep up the great job! Congratulations, Allie Myhre!

Fifth Grade: The fifth and sixth grade teachers picked Dalton Orvis because strives to do his academic best! Work is always on time and done well. Dalton pays attention in class and is a great role model for fellow fifth graders on how to be a motivated learner. If something is difficult, there is NEVER complaining. He just hunkers down and gets the job done. Dalton will go above and beyond on IXLs to get to 100. This is a quality we feel shows a drive to get better and better. He definitely understands that the more you practice and the less you complain the better you’ll get. The one thing that really stands out with this kiddo is that he shows respect and care toward his schooling! Thanks for being such an outstanding kid, Dalton Orvis!

Sixth grade: Brock Kremin. Brock shows Viking Valor in and out of the classroom every day. On a daily basis, he can be found being kind to others, looking for ways to help the teacher, cleaning up the room without being asked, and ALWAYS bringing laughter to the classroom. He comes to school every day with a smile on his face. He stays on top of their school work and has a can-do attitude. He is a GREAT role model to all students. Thanks for being awesome, Brock Kremin!

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