Elementary: (front row, left to right): Elliott Anderson, Reagan DeSmet, Conner Boerboom and Devyn Claeys. Back: Brandon Pella, Abby Poslusny, Sam Frie, Adam DeVlaeminck (January SOM) and Alexa Mead.

February Elementary Viking Valor

Pre-Kindergarten: Elliott Anderson is excited to come to school each day with a smile and says “Good morning” to his peers and teachers. He’s prepared by getting his folder and library books out each day and completing his morning activities. He’s kind to everyone, shows respect, and tells the truth. When it is clean up time, he hurries to make sure everything is in its proper place and checks to see what else he can do. He loves being the teacher’s helper and completes his job each day on the helper board. He keeps his hands to himself and follows the school rules. We enjoy having him a part of our classroom! Way to go, Elliott! Keep up the fantastic work!

Kindergarten: Devyn Claeys is a student who starts each day with a Viking Valor attitude. Devyn shows an eagerness to learn and willingness to help her classmates throughout the whole day. Inside the classroom, she is found working hard on the classroom assignments every day to show her best work. She takes her time to add great detail to her drawings and writings. Devyn takes pride in keeping her space neat and tidy. She also shows a great level of respect for the classroom and school rules. Devyn, keep up the great work!

First Grade: Reagan DeSmet exemplifies all the parts of Viking Valor. Reagan shows respect to others with a caring attitude and kindness and is willing to help anyone at anytime. Reagan always has a smile and is always ready to work hard each day. A wonderful helper and a good friend to all their classmates, Reagan meets high expectations by always completing work and by giving 100 percent effort every time. Reagan likes a challenge, is not afraid to try something that may be difficult and can often be heard encouraging and guiding others in the classroom. Showing honor by keeping the classroom and the hallways neat and clean is a wonderful role model to others. Keep up the good work, Regan DeSmet!

Second Grade: Connor Boerboom has learned that Viking Valor can be shown in a variety of ways ... by helping classmates with routine things, especially when help is needed, is honorable. Knowing when to let things go ... not dwelling on problems or frustrating situations is another Viking Valor quality. Using polite manners in the lunch line and in class are more examples of what Connor strives to do each day. Being organized, using neat handwriting, and completing assignments thoroughly are tasks he has been focusing on these past few months. Connor has goals and we appreciate his work toward these goals. We are proud to name Connor Boerboom as our Student of the Month.

Third Grade: Alexa Mead is always caring and respectful to those around her. She goes out of their way to help her teacher around the classroom as well as her classmates when they are having difficulty with a task. Not only does Alexa demonstrate respect throughout the day, she goes above and beyond on her class work by completing IXLs to 100 percent when possible and not giving up on difficult assignments. We appreciate this student’s constant smile and joking attitude in everything she does. Keep up the great work! We are so proud of you, Alexa Mead!

Fourth Grade: Brandon Pella demonstrates Viking Valor everyday. He is a careful and independent worker, and shows responsibility by always having his work completed. He tries to figure out problems before he asks for help and will make corrections on his work without being asked to in able to receive a better score. Brandon is quiet and soft spoken, but is a good friend and willing to help out where and whenever he can. Keep up the great work, Brandon Pella!

Fifth Grade: Abby Poslusny has shown constant improvement since we met. The effort she puts out is bar none ... from going to the after school program to asking for help to doubling an AR goal! Abby works SO hard on all tasks. She is always ready to go, positive about school and goes above and beyond on school work and with her peers. It’s very important to Abby to know peers don’t feel left out — ever. She keeps us on task during class and could possibly be one of the biggest lovers of slime we know! Thanks, Abby Poslusny!!

Sixth Grade: Sam Frie demonstrates Viking Valor every day. He is constantly on task and doing what is expected. He sets expectations for himself and strives everyday to be successful. Sam goes above and beyond and treats each one of their classmates with the respect they deserve. We enjoy his sense of humor each and every day. Keep up the great work, Sam Frie!

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