High School: (Front row, left to right) Lizzy Gillingham and Andrew Lipinski. Back: Morgan Hennen, Aleksa Sanow and Katie Walerius.

HIgh School April Viking Valor

Seventh Grade: Andrew Lipinski is a hard working young man who always gets his work completed and completed well. He always has a smile on his face and is ready to help whenever he can.

Eighth Grade: Lane Loyson is a great example to his classmates. He’s polite and hardworking and has a great work ethic and positive attitude. He is definitely deserving of student of the month.

Ninth Grade: Aleska Sanow ​Lexi is always willing to go above in beyond in school frequently staying late to help clean up or put chairs up for the janitors. I know that any task given to her in class will be done well and with a positive attitude!

Tenth Grade: Katie Walerius Katie has a fun energetic attitude. Even when things get hard she has a way of making a joke that can lighten the mood. She is diligent and willing to help anyone when the time comes. She is a great student to have in the classroom.

Junior: Morgan Hennen ​Morgan is a leader both in classroom and in her extra curricular activities. She always works hard in class and keeps a positive attitude!

Senior: Lizzy Gillingham Lizzy works hard in class and always seems to be in a good mood! She is always kind to her peers and leads by example both in and out of the classroom.

Lane Loyson

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