Junior/Senior High Viking Valor students are: (Front row, left to right) Gus VanHecke and Jazmyne Hanson. Back: Madison Sorensen, Jacquelin Monzon, and Kyleigh Ingalls.

May Junior/Senior High Viking Valor

Seventh Grade: Gus VanHecke Gus (August) VenHecke is always willing to help other students. He always stays after class to help his teachers pick up and put away equipment. He has held the door open for teachers several times, very gentlemanly. He has helped a fellow student, who broke her ankle by getting her a chair to sit on during class. Gus VanHecke stepped up and sat with a girl who he is not friends with because she was working alone and needed a partner. He does kind acts like this quite often.

Eighth Grade: Jazmyne Hanson Jazmyne works very hard in school. She also helps her peers when they are struggling. She uses her knowledge and hard work to get good grades and help others comprehend as well. She is kind to others and includes everyone; she definitely deserves to be recognized!

Ninth Grade: Jacquelin Monzon Jacquelin Monzon is a caring, compassionate and driven student. She cares about others, keeps trying and persisting even when things are challenging, and continues to grow both academically and personally. And she thinks of others first. She is also a tremendous artist and very creative. Above all, she is humble and kind.

Sophomore: Kyleigh Ingalls Kyliegh Ingalls is always a kind and polite student who always greets you whenever she sees you. She is a very dedicated student who always tries her best. She isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs it. She also puts forth her best effort in everything she does. Kyliegh is kind and friendly to all students and staff. She is a joy to have in class.

Junior: Madison Sorensen Madison Sorensen as May Viking Valor Student of the Month because she is someone who works hard and is always determined to do her best. The dedication she puts towards her academics is truly inspiring. She brightens up any room that she walks into with her fun sense of humor and easy going conversation. Keep up the great work!

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