Minneota Manor to close Dec. 2

This press release from Living Services Foundation was made available to the public on Oct. 6, 20101 in regard to the closing of the Minneota Manor on Dec. 2, 2021.

The Minneota Manor campus is undergoing a large transition, scheduled for Dec. 2, 2021.

The nursing home, Minneota Manor will close, but our assisted living, Madison Avenue Apartments, and our Medicare-certified Home Health Agency, Town and Country Home Health will be expanding services to allow us to provide a much wider array of care in those settings than we have historically.

Like many healthcare providers, we are struggling to find qualified licensed staff to care for our residents. We have been working hard for many months to find solutions that would allow us to continue to provide skilled care, but we are unable to recruit even short-term staff due to high demand nation-wide. We are rethinking our model to continue to provide excellent care with the same team that our current clients know, but in a way that is more sustainable for our team.

We wish the situation were different and our Minneota Manor community is grieving this loss. Our team and non-profit owner, Living Services Foundation, remain committed to providing services to seniors in the Minneota community and adapting when necessary to keep our campus strong for years to come.

We would like to publicly acknowledge our team who have gone above and beyond to meet the challenges of the last 19 months. We would also like to thank the community in Minneota for your support of our nursing home over many years.

We hope that the community can continue to support us as we evolve and let us demonstrate how this transition will still allow us to care for seniors in our community.

Living Services Foundation

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