At the “Pick your nose” trunk was Seth Hennen and daughter Averi on the left. The trunk display was made by Shelly and Natalie Ratajczak (right). Camouflage trunk belonged to the Callens family which included (left to right) Rhonda, her daughter Kaci and friend Regan Bierschenk. Nikki Traen and daughter Brisbyn received some treats. This decorated trunk was just for fun — and, oh, for the treats as well.

‘Trunk or Treat’ a complete success

Any time you try something for the first time, there is always the fear of the unexpected. But the surprising success of the “Trunk or Treat” event sponsored by PEACE (Parents Excited About Catholic Education) for Halloween last Tuesday in Minneota erased any of those fears.

“I was really thinking we would only get about five cars to participate,” admitted Nikki Traen, one of the organizers of the event.

“But I was actually hoping for 10.” “I was so happy that we had such a great turnout. People throughout the community got involved. We kept getting calls from people wondering if we still had openings.”

Sometimes you get more than you wish for. The first annual Trunk or Treat was held at the St. Edward's parking lot and drew 17 themed trunks filled with treats for the kids.

“I was a little worried that we had all these trunks and then we might not get too many kids,” said Traen.

But the ghouls, goblins, princesses and pirates were among the many costumed kiddies that turned out. So successful was the event that several of those giving out candy ran out with 30 minutes still remaining until the scheduled conclusion.

“One of the people I talked to said they had 125 pieces of candy and they were gone by 6:30 p.m.,” said Traen.

The event was held from 5:30-7 p.m. “We were trying to decide if we should have the event on Saturday (prior to Halloween) or on Halloween,” Traen said.

“We decided it would be better to have it on the actual day because then the parents wouldn't have to dress up their kids and go out twice.”

Trunk or Treat is becoming increasing more popular of late. The event was designed by church groups several years ago as a way to make trick-or-treating easier and safer for children.

If they desire, participants can decorate the trunk or back end of their vehicle in a type of theme. Many of the adults bringing the vehicle will also wear some type of a costume to join in the “spirit” of the mood.

The vehicles park in one central location and children go from trunk to trunk to amass their treats.

“We had some really good decorated trunks,” said Traen.

“Some of the people were really creative.”

Some of the themes included “Back to the 50s”, an Emoji drive-in movie, Dracula's den, and “Pick your Nose” in which children had to reach into the nose of one of three monsters available to pick a treat.

And to make it easier for the parents who had to scurry home after work to get the trunk of their vehicle ready and their children dressed, PEACE offered a meal of hot dogs, chips, fruit and a beverage for a small fee. Around 75 hot dogs were sold.

Participants paid a small fee to bring their trunk to the event. All proceeds go into the PEACE account for future activities.

“We're definitely planning on doing this again next year," said Traen. “I was so happy that we had such a great turnout for the first year.”

"The committee wants everyone to know how grateful we are for them supporting us.”

“And we also want to thank all the participants for coming out and decorating a trunk and handing out candy."

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