Matt DeVos and Steph Hennen

Battle of the Bulbs participant list

For those wishing to see the lights of those registered, these are the addresses listed in alphabetical order:
•Scott Anderson, 3918 140th Ave., Taunton
•Sue & Tim Buysse, 2092 County Road 10, Cottonwood
•Matt DeVos & Steph Hennen, 310 N. Madison, Minneota
•Pete & Cary Doyscher, 400 E. Lyon, Minneota
•Austin & Shannon Dritz, 3494 County Highway 7, Taunton
•Sis & Paul Fonteyn, 411 N. Jefferson, Minneota
•Karen & Rodney Golden, 405 N. Jefferson, Minneota
•Ali & Peanuts Kloos, 605 E. Lyon, Minneota
•Kaitlyn Kopitski, 302 N. Adams, Minneota
•Omer Laleman, 406 N. Jefferson, Minneota
•Gus Molina, 504 E. 5th St., Minneota
•Lynn & Barb Okrina, 109 Golf Course Road, Minneota
•Jim & Chris Pesch, 301 N. Lincoln, Taunton
•Julie Pohlen, 909 9th St. Circle, Minneota
•Mark Sanow, 3158 220th Ave. N., Minneota

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