Battle of the bulbs starts on Saturday!


The second annual "Battle of the Bulbs" will get underway this weekend when eight judges will be traveling to each of the participants' residence to determine this year's winner.
The judging will be on Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 18 and 19, beginning at 5 p.m., so those registered for the contest should make sure their lights are on each of those two nights. We have 10 judges line up this year and each gives the displays a 1-10 ranking. The home with the highest number is awarded first place, the second highest number gets second place, and so on.
There are 15 residents registered for the "Battle of the Bulbs" this year. First prize will receive $500 worth of prizes, while second place receives $250 worth of prizes, and third place receives $100 worth of prizes.
The prizes have been graciously donated by area businesses in Minneota, Ghent, Taunton and Marshall. They include gift cards, holiday decor, food, toys, pet supplies, electronics, tools, bakeware and much more.The contest was started last year during COVID time because, with so many things cancelled last year during the holidays, it gave families something to do together. And it also gave community members a chance to drive around and look at all the decorated houses.
For those wishing to see the lights of those registered, these are the addresses listed in alphabetical order:
•Scott Anderson, 3918 140th Ave., Taunton
•Sue & Tim Buysse, 2092 County Road 10, Cottonwood
•Matt DeVos & Steph Hennen, 310 N. Madison, Minneota
•Pete & Cary Doyscher, 400 E. Lyon, Minneota
•Austin & Shannon Dritz, 3494 County Highway 7, Taunton
•Sis & Paul Fonteyn, 411 N. Jefferson, Minneota
•Karen & Rodney Golden, 405 N. Jefferson, Minneota
•Ali & Peanuts Kloos, 605 E. Lyon, Minneota
•Kaitlyn Kopitski, 302 N. Adams, Minneota
•Omer Laleman, 406 N. Jefferson, Minneota
•Gus Molina, 504 E. 5th St., Minneota
•Lynn & Barb Okrina, 109 Golf Course Road, Minneota
•Jim & Chris Pesch, 301 N. Lincoln, Taunton
•Julie Pohlen, 909 9th St. Circle, Minneota
•Mark Sanow, 3158 220th Ave. N., Minneota

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