Chasing our Tails pet treat plant has left town

Chasing our Tails pet treat plant has left town

No reason given for sudden exit

Chasing our Tails Inc., which operated a packaging and distribution pet treat warehouse in the former Schott Building in Minneota for the past two years has pulled up stakes and left town quietly.

"I have no comment," said Chasing our Tails owner/CEO Steve Trachtenberg.

When asked again where he will now ship products from, Trachtenberg became agitated before announcing, "I said I will not discuss it."

An anonymous source from Tracy where Chasing our Tails' production plant is located told the Mascot that Trachtenberg had become dissatisfied with the lack of support from Minneota, although he would not elaborate.

Chasing our Tails did not sell products in Minneota and the door to the building remained locked during business hours. An 8 x 11 sheet of paper taped the door explained that the door's entrance was locked and included a phone number to reach someone inside.

The building here was used as a packaging and distribution warehouse and was run by Trachtenberg's fiancée, Elena Kalogeropoulos.

Owen Schott donated the building located at 218 N. Jefferson St. to Area Development of Minneota (ADOM) in 2018.

ADOM then sold the building to Trachtenberg for $15,000 in April of 2019. Trachtenberg also gave ADOM a $5,000 donation to help with other community developments.

Chasing our Tails Inc. moved equipment into the building in late July of 2019 and began operations shortly after that.

Many community members had questioned whether the building was now vacant. The sign on the door had been removed and unopened boxes were on the ground next to the garbage bins, which were also filled with boxes enough to raise the lids.

Trachtenberg, who previously operated Chasing our Tails in New Hampshire, wanted to re-locate in the Lyon County fair building in Marshall but withdrew after neighbors of that property were concerned about the smell the operation would emit and complained to the Marshall City Council.

Instead, Trachtenberg purchased the Schott building that had been vacant for 20 years. He also purchased the former Salmon Chevrolet building in downtown Tracy for his primary production plant. Chasing our Tails also operated a processing facility in Sanborn.

Trachtenberg purchased the 215,000 square foot former Del Monte plant in Sleepy Eye in December of 2020 to support expanded packaging operations and new business lines, according to a press release that was sent to the Mascot in December.

Trachtenberg also owns multiple farms in Minnesota where he raises cows and hogs for slaughter for use in in his pet treats. He also owns poultry and red-meat slaughterhouses within the state.

Among the dog and cat treats Chasing our Tails produces and sells are smoked bones, pig ears, dehydrated and freeze-dried treats, and antler chews.

The Chasing our Tails website still includes Minneota as its address.

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