Commissioners interested in helping the Day Care industry

Child care in Lyon County is a mushrooming business that is falling through the cracks when it comes to financial support. And, there’s a need for more providers.

Initiating a discussion on the subject, County Commissioner Rick Anderson said, “We need to try and support child care centers throughout the county.”

He added, “The need is definitely there.” The child care issue is where you see the three and four year olds being taken out of the care centers to go to preschools and that’s making the biggest impact on the centers, said Commissioner Anderson.

“The biggest issue is the infant day care. There is not enough. But you can’t help them all. It’s a difficult task,” said Commissioner Charlie Sanow.

“Maybe we could develop a fund to help with that sort of thing,” Commissioner Anderson added.

“I agree with Commissioner Anderson that one of the biggest problems in the day care industry is maintaining employees and we’re fighting against the state legislature,” said Commissioner Steve Ritter.

“How do we help them out? We can’t directly subsidize private industry,” said Commissioner Gary Crowley.

Board Chairman Paul Graupmann said, “You don’t pick and choose businesses, you supply county aid where it’s needed.”

“It isn’t so much about the money, it’s that there are not enough providers out there,” added Commissioner Crowley.

“If you have a fund where people can get money to assist in payments, maybe that would help,” said Commissioner Sanow.

“I just wanted to put it out there because as an employer in the county, we are going to have to put that service (day care) out there (for employees),” Commissioner Anderson added.

“If there is a way we can help out, I think it would be a great thing,” said Commissioner Anderson.

“Maybe we could find a way that people could be subsidized per child, not necessarily for day care,” added Commissioner Sanow.

They will study the situation before making any decisions.

Commissioner Rick Anderson

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