Countryside offers lunch specials

Countryside Golf Club on the east side of Minneota is now offering reasonably-priced lunch specials that will be quick and easy to put together for those in a hurry to get back to work.
"We will still offer our regular menu, too," said Countryside GC manager Ryan Juutilainen. "But we wanted to have a special each of the business days so that people coming here during their lunch hour can get their food reasonably quick."
Juutilainen said a lot of the specials can be prepared ahead of time so the meals can be served quicker to the customers.
The lunch specials will be offered from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Each special is $8.
"We will have these specials through early August," said Juutilainen. "After that, we will determine if we will continue them or not."
Monday's special will be a meatball sandwich with fries or tater tots, Tuesday will feature taco salad (or softshell tacos for $2 each), Wednesday's special is pulled pork sandwich with chips, Thursday's is a beef commercial, and Friday's is a cheeseburger basket.
Prior to taking over as manager at Countryside, Juutilainen was a produce manager at a grocery store in Redwood Falls. That's where he came up with some of his ideas.
"We had a deli there that offered lunch specials like this," he said. "And it went over really well with the lunch crowd. So I thought it would be something good to try here, too."

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