Exterior improvements proposed

Included in the projects of the August 22 bond request are some outside improvements. It’s important that our building stay up-to-date both inside and out.

The following are the outside projects as part of our 5.25 million dollar bond request:

  • Street Lights: Both Monroe Street and Fifth Street sidewalks are very dark at night. We have had many requests over the years to find a way to add lights to illuminate them, given we have many nighttime activities where the sidewalks are in use. The plan is to add lighting to both Monroe and Fifth Street school sidewalks to provide a safer and more secure campus.
  • Elementary Entrance and Vestibule: The doors to the elementary are not American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. Also, the windows in the vestibule are covered. The plan is to change the doors to the elementary school opening to make them ADA compliant. The windows in the vestibule will be uncovered to provide more natural light and to give the elementary entrance a more aesthetic appeal.
  • The Elementary Exterior: The elementary exterior has not been updated for decades. It is patched together and does not have good curb appeal. We would like to improve the energy efficiency of the building at the same time. The plan is to update the elementary exterior so it has a uniform look, thus, giving our elementary school a more inviting appearance.
  • Courtyard by the Playground: The courtyard by the playground is weed infested and does not have proper drainage. The plan is to blacktop or cement the surface and provide a way for the water to drain. By doing this, it will no longer be an eyesore, and we will not have to spend hours each year trying to eradicate the weeds, which is a no win situation.
  • Garages: The school has no place to store their vehicles, which means they sit out all year, thus, exposing them to the harsh outside elements and creating a risk of vandalism. These vehicles are a $100,000 investment and we wish to protect the value of these assets. The plan is to build additional garage space on the land across the street from the elementary school. This will give us more storage and provide the shelter we need for our vehicles.

As a reminder, absentee ballots are available now until Election Day in the Minneota School District Office. Also, our final community meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Monday, August 14 in the Minneota School choir room. Tours and a question/answer session will be provided.

Thank you for your continued support of the Minneota Public Schools.

Supt. Dan Deitte

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