Failed equipment causes area power outages

Many area OtterTail Power Company customers experienced a power outage on Sunday.

Vice President of Public Relations for OtterTail Power Company, Cris Oehler, said in a press release, “It was an equipment failure that caused a breaker to open which is the way the system is suppose to work to protect itself and that put some towns out of power.”

The failed disconnect at the Canby substation triggered a chain reaction of power outages for local residents. Officials are currently unsure why the equipment failed.

Towns affected by the outage included Green Valley, St. Leo, Taunton, Porter, Minneota, Ghent, Canby, Toronto, SD, Clear Lake SD, Brandt, SD, Ivanhoe, Lake Benton, Verdi and Elkton, SD. Canby experienced the longest time without power from around 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

All other towns were back up in shorter periods. Minneota customers of OtterTail lost their internet for a good part of Sunday but power was restored later in the afternoon and internet service also resumed.

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