Fall continues to march on

The Minneota Public School Board meeting was held on Tuesday, Oct. 19. Chairperson Dawn Van Keulen opened the meeting at 6:30 pm by leading the assembly in The Pledge of Allegiance.
Board member positive comments mentioned that students remain happy to be in school in person this year.
It was again stated that the staff and students should be proud of the MXA results. Homecoming was a success with the students having a good time. Thanks to Cari Pohlen for working hard to get Christensen Broadcasting to broadcast MHS games. And, kudos to the teachers who took the sophomores to the Red Barn Theater to see “Dear Evan Hanson.”
Following the roll call, acknowledgement of visitors, approval of the agenda and minutes from the September meeting, the maintenance report was given by Les Engler. His report focused on the September Fire Marshal inspection. There is a 60-day time limit to repair problems, so many of the smaller items have been taken care of already. There are several areas that need water sprinklers added to meet code. The wall mats in the wrestling room are not fire retardant, so they need to be replaced. The replacement would be costly and the final decision on how to handle this has not been made as of yet. It was also stated that the fire extinguishers need monthly inspection to guarantee they are in working order.
The Minneota LED lighting project was given the go ahead with Frank’s Electric being given the bid for $63,802 with a rebate from OtterTail for approximately $32,000. Money will possibly be transferred from the long-term facility fund to the unreserved fund to pay for this.
The AD report by Cari Pohlen reminded the board that fall tournaments are beginning for cross country, football, and volleyball.
There is a need for a 4th grade girls’ basketball coach. If interested, contact Cari at the school.
The musical practice is proceeding well with the cast, orchestra, a back-up choir, and a youth choir. Knowledge Bowl started on Monday, Oct. 25.
Several open enrollments, the 2021-22 seniority list, Nikki Traen was hired as an ECFE worker, and Jason Myhre’s Oct. 31, 2021, resignation was accepted in the consent agenda.
The following coaches have been hired: Aubree Cheadle, Musical; Angela Lauer, Junior and Senior high Knowledge Bowl; Tara Skorczewski, Yearbook; Tami Tolk, Extra Duty Director; and Kaley Buysse, Elementary Student Council.
The enrollment report remains stable with 521 students as of Oct. 19.
The financial picture of the District is moving along as expected. There has been $26,300 in revenue received from the E-rate grant which is used for internet, high-speed communication, computers and devices for students and staff. The MN Dept. of Education has added dollars to fund COVID related expenses. This includes N95 masks for nurse’s and other costs due to COVID mitigation. The food service program is staying even with their budget but may have an increase in funds which will be good for the District.
Elementary Principal Jen Mahan-Deitte is back and extremely appreciative for all the support she received during her medical leave this fall. Mrs. Johnson, social worker, did a great job with the Viking Valor in-person event.
Touching base meetings have been held with the majority of the elementary staff. Curriculum work is proceeding in the language arts and reading areas. This involves K-12 teachers.
Superintendent Dan Deitte reminded the board that parent-teacher conferences would be held on Monday, Oct. 25.
The COVID count is down within the District. A question was brought up regarding handicapped parking at Kompelien field. This is a topic that needs some thought, and a committee may be formed to look into it. There will be a sound audit of the speaker system in the gym to improve the sound system. The Dept. of Ed. has given a positive review for the possible updates to the Minneota District if the technology levy and building bond vote passes.
School will be released at 12:15 pm on Thursday, Nov. 11, if the volleyball team advances to state. If the football team also advances to the state tournament, their first game is at 7 pm in Monticello on Friday, Nov. 12.
In the personnel area, Caitlyn Sonnenburg will receive a stipend for combining pre-school classes at the beginning of the year. Barb Knutson will again receive a stipend for managing the District’s COVID plan. Vicki Lozinski was hired as a part-time paraprofessional.
Business Affairs included setting the reorganizational meeting for Jan. 3, 2022, at 7 am, setting the special meeting to canvass the election for Nov. 8, at 6:30 pm, and moving the November regular meeting to Nov. 23, at 6:30 pm. Resolutions were passed to approving the polling place (Minneota Community Center) for the levy/building bond vote, allow people with 2-year degrees to substitute teach, and Mr. Deitte was approved as the District Official with Authority to Access MDE information.
Snow removal bids will be discussed at the Nov. 8 special meeting.

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