Little by little, the City Hall Bar and Grill project is becoming reality. On Tuesday, Bruce Laleman Construction was putting an awning on the building that includes what they hope will be a restaurant for the community. Laleman worked on the awning, and walked along the platform as the entire awning began to take shape. Little by little, the City Hall Bar and Grill project is becoming reality.

Financial help still needed on Bar & Grill project

Folks have missed having a restaurant in Minneota. But a group of investors set out to solve that problem and they are part way there.

Tuesday, Bruce Laleman Construction went outside to install an awning that spans both the Bar and the Grill. Laleman is one of the original investors in the venture.

The renovated bar has been in operation for several months. Now, the building has been erected next to the bar and it’s being fitted for winter.

“They wanted to get the shell of the building up so they could tinker around all winter inside,” said Dave Fahey, another investor.

Because the project is going up doesn’t mean the committee is finished raising funds. In fact, they still need funding to help get the grill off the ground.

Those interested in helping with funds should contact any of the committee members, including Fahey at Gislason’s Ace Hardware, Laleman or Eric Buysse of B&B Electric of Minneota.

Fortunately, several of the investors such as Laleman, Buysse and Matt Coequyt bring their construction, electrical and plumbing and heating skills to the project.

Others also will be helping get the grill project off the ground.

Watch for other improvements.

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