Foreign Exchange student’s mother passes away in Italy

Giuliana Fico, the mother of Minneota exchange student Marcello Mele, passed away on April 26 in Italy following a lengthy illness.

She was 52.

“My father called me to let me know,” said Mele, via Facebook. “She has had stomach cancer for about a year.”

Fico was a police officer in the Sardegna area, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea which comprises a department of Italy.

Mele flew back home on April 28 and attended his mother's funeral the next day. “I was very close to her,” said Mele. Fico is survived by her husband, Marco Mele, also a police officer; son Marcello, and daughter Martina.

Marcello's host family is Mike and Colleen Ludwikowski of Minneota.

Marcello, who is a sophomore at Minneota High School, is currently unsure if or when he will return to Minneota.

Marcello Mele

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