Grant will add funds to city’s ‘revolving fund’

“To let you know, we did get approved for a Small Cities Grant,” said Administrator Shirley Teigland. Everything is in order except an environmental study still has yet to be done.

The City of Minneota applied for a 2017 Minnesota Small Cities Development program grant for $655,000 and have been notified they will receive the funds that are used to renovate and improve business buildings and residences.

It’s pending the expected award of funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The city applied for the grant to continue their past program of housing and business renovations will be included in the city’s “revolving fund”. Businesses and residential owners are able to access these funds and pay them back into the fund for the money to be continued to be used in the community.

No exceptions to mosquito spraying While most of the community has been asking for additional mosquito spraying due to large crops this summer, there have been a couple of exceptions.

Two neighbors requested no spraying in their areas. But Monday City Resident Brian Rodas appeared before the council to say he lives in the neighborhood where residents don’t want the spraying and he wants it.

The council voted to “Not allow exceptions to the spraying rule.” As a result, spraying will commence through the entire community, with no exceptions. City Administrator Shirley Teigland said the requests came in her neighborhood. But the council made it clear there will NOT be a, “No spraying exception list.”

THE COUNCIL also updated agreements with Minnesota Public Authorities for the loan and grant moneys they will receive for the Adams Street Project.

The city received an additional $428,275 in grant money due to the legislature passing a bonding bill. The city did not draw all available funds to stay in the position of benefitting from the additional grant monies. Everything is completed on the Adams Street Project with the exception of three sidewalk panels which need to be replaced due to the fact they did not meet ADA requirements.

The council approved the final payment to Duininck.

IN OTHER action the board:

•Approved an increase in the annual firemen’s pension. Doug DeSmet of the Fire Relief Association appeared in front of the board to request the annual Pension Benefits from $1,200 to $1,400 per year of service. “We are looking for you to increase the benefit level,” said DeSmet.

•Approved zoning permits for: David Antony of 403rd 2nd Street for a 36x28 garage and house addition; Jeff and Rhonda Buysse of 520 Federal Street for an 82x60 new home and Deb Gilbertson of 204 N. Jackson for a 10 foot by 15-foot by 8 foot canopy.

•Noted Aaron Beek accepted the conditional job offer as a part-time officer. He’s passed all his tests and the board voted to approved his hiring. Chief Bill Bolt is completing a background check on Beek, who is also a jailer working for the Lyon County Sheriff’s office.

•Noted there have been, “Less speeding in the area,” according to Chief Bill Bolt. He attributes that to the fact the Minnesota State Patrol has had a greater presence in the area surrounding Minneota.

Byron Higgin

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