Chad Legare

Legare sentenced to 10 years

A Minneota native, 43-year-old Chad Legare has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for an attack on a North Dakota priest.

A judge ordered Legare to serve 10 years in prison for his attack on Father Robert Wapenski.

Legare entered what’s known as an Alford plea in November to a charge of attempted murder.

The judge went along with the state’s recommendation, sentencing Legare to 13 years, with three suspended, followed by five years of supervised probation.

Legare pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of the Anamoose priest.

The court found that 43-year-old Chad Legare would still be a threat to the victim, Father Robert Wapenski, even though the defense claimed there is no threat.

Legare testified on his own behalf. The trial was delayed twice before finally being heard.

Legare claimed he acted to protect a woman he claimed was the victim of crimes at the hand of the priest, but as of now there are no charges or evidence of these crimes.

Legare will also have to pay more than $900 dollars in restitution. He will receive credit for more than a years worth of time already served.

The attack on Wapenski occurred January 30, 2018. Wapenski had been strangled with computer speaker wire and left for dead inside the St. Francis Xavier Church in Anamoose.

He has recovered from his injuries and was in the courtroom when Legare entered an Alford plea, admitting there was enough evidence for a jury to find him guilty of attempted murder.

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