The Minneota Swimming Pool is a place for summer gatherings, swim lessons, fun and recreation for the young and a good place to gather for everyone. Without the necessary repairs, all of this could be lost. Cracks like this one can only be patched so many times.

Pool broken; hope to fix it

Small town swimming pools are in constant need of repair.

“The first thing that has to be done is a repair of the pool basin walls,” said Patty Myrvik about the Minneota pool.

“They are cracked and causing large amounts of water to leak out.”

“The pool bottom is also chipping and is becoming a hazard for cuts to the feet of those in the pool. I would love to help see our pool improved and repaired. The pool is so important to the kids in the town in the summer.”

Under a new program, a group of Minneota people are trying to do something about it. Now, purchasing food online from Schwan’s can also fuel a fundraiser for repairs needed at the Minneota Community Pool.

Once those areas are repaired and paid for, the fundraising group will look at possibly putting in some amenities to the pool such as water slides, as well as making improvements to the kiddie pool.

“And we also want to upgrade the shower and concession areas,” Myrvik said.

“There is a concern that if EMS had to be called to the pool, it would be difficult for them to navigate the right quarters getting in the door and to the pool deck.”

Customers purchasing any of the Schwan's products online will have 40 percent of their total cost go toward the $5,000 goal set for pool repairs.

The fundraiser is called Schwan's Cares. Myrvik set up the online fundraiser page, using Schwan's Cares after the success it had with other area fundraisers.

“It was used by the Ghent Fire Department a couple of years ago,” said Myrvik, the Assistant Athletic Trainer and Aquatics Director at SMSU.

“Minneota wrestling used it as a fundraiser, as well. And some of my Southwest Minnesota State University sports teams have also used it.”

Myrvik said she was first approached by Pool Pals coordinator Tammi Tolk and the two pulled a few others people together to “brainstorm some ideas to first prioritize what needs to be done, and second to get a plan in place to raise funds to accomplish it.”

The Schwan’s Cares fundraiser works by ordering online through Schwan’s and by using the Minneota Pool campaign number.

Schwan’s will donate 40 percent of the cost of the orders for the first 45 days, and then five percent for 90 additional days. Several areas of the pool are in need of repair. Schwan’s does not set a limit to the amount a group is trying to raise, but they request realistic goals.

“Tammi (Tolk) and the Pool Pals have worked very hard for many years now and have raised a good chunk of money,” Myrvik said.

“Unfortunately, pool resurfacing is a very expensive project.” Tolk has researched some options that could be more feasible for the Minneota Pool.

“We will need to try to do a couple other fundraisers to raise enough funds to do the needed repairs,” added Myrvik. As Aquatics Director at SMSU, Myrvik oversees the pool there while also teaching Recreational Aquatics classes.

After taking her class on a field trip to the Marshall Aquatics Center, she learned how important a pool is to a community even though it does not generate a profit. “Preston Stensrud (the Parks Manager) told us how the Marshall pool loses tens of thousands of dollars each year because the amount of money they bring in will never cover the amount it takes to operate it,” Myrvik explained.

“But he said: ‘Would you not have this as an option for your community? It’s so important to bringing people into town and keeping them there in the summer.’”

“He also stated that if you think about your (city) parks, you don't charge a fee for people to play on a playground.”

“But you mow, have lights, up-keep on equipment and other expenses. There are areas in every community that are going to cost money that you'll never get back.”

“But you don't have a great community without it.”

The link to order through the fundraiser is

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