Property taxes due October 15

Second half 2021 real estate property taxes are due on Friday, Oct. 15.
Most agricultural property and mobile home taxes are due Monday, Nov. 15. Please check your tax statements, which are available online at, for the official due date on the parcel(s).
Property tax payments can be made in person, online, by mail, or by using the drop box.
To make a payment online: Visit the Lyon County website at Payments are accepted via credit or debit card. You will need your 9-digit parcel identification number for each parcel paid. There is a 2.49 percent fee charged by the payment processor for all card payments.
Paying by mail: Check or money order payments are accepted by mail and can be sent to Lyon County Auditor/Treasurer, 607 West Main Street, Marshall, MN 56258. Tax payments sent by mail must be postmarked no later than the due date to avoid late penalties. It is important for taxpayers to know that mail is typically not processed locally and is often postmarked at least one day later, unless it is dropped off at a Post Office and a hand stamp is requested before mailing. Taxpayers are advised to drop their payment in the mail at least three days prior to the due date.
Drop box: Payments may be placed in the drop box located near the parking lot behind the Government Center off South 7th Street. Please note on your payment if you would like a receipt mailed to you and include your email address if you want your receipt emailed to you.
Paying Delinquent Taxes: Please contact the Auditor/Treasurer’s office at (507) 537-6724, option 1, or before making any delinquent tax payments to ensure that you are paying the correct amount and are not subject to additional penalties and interest.
Direct Payment Plan: Lyon County also offers a direct payment plan for property taxes where the amount due would be deducted from your bank account on the applicable due date. Sign up now for use of the plan for 2022 and beyond. You may enroll at any time, but signup must be completed by April 1 for first half and Sept. 1 for second half to allow time for bank account verification. The program continues until you notify us to cancel.
Remember to contact the Auditor/Treasurer’s office as you buy or sell property to enroll or remove the parcels from the program. Additional information and a signup form are online at

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