School names new business manager

The Minneota School has a new business manager, effective Feb. 1. Tara Skorczewski was chosen to replace Tegan Gillund, who resigned recently to take another position. Skorczewski will get some training in January at $21.63 per hour.

She attended Tuesday’s board meeting and received a unanimous vote from the board.

“We conducted interviews and had a hiring committee. We had 16 applicants. It was nice to have that many applicants,” said Supt. Dan Deitte.

“Tara was our choice and we feel she will bring in good experiences.” Skorczewski and her family aren’t far away from the school.

In fact, Supt. Deitte joked, “She won’t be able to claim any snow days. She lives right across the street from the school,” said Deitte.

“We’re excited about this. She will start working with Gillund Friday on payroll,” said the superintendent.

Replacing the financial manager of a school district is a “big deal” said Deitte, so getting a capable replacement this quickly will be helpful to the district.

Gillund will be on hand a few days in February to train Skorzcewski in finance.

The board approved Gillund’s training at $25 per hour.

Tara Skorczewski

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