Tax abatement given to help business

The Minneota City Council Monday agreed to allow a two-year tax abatement to the City Bar and Grill after a hearing held Monday night at the Minneota City Council Chambers.

“The idea is to assist with the renewal and expansion of a business on Main Street,” the council announced. “Improving employment, economic improvement and improved services makes it ideal for this kind of tax abatement,” said Minneota City Attorney John Engels.

“It gives them a little more peace of mind,” said Mayor John Rolbiecki. “The economic benefits far out way the taxes,” he added. The bar and impending new grill improves a “blighted property” the attorney added.

The city authorized an abatement of a portion of the city share of property taxes as 100 percent of the city’s portion of the taxes. All other amounts otherwise due to the City of Minneota for property taxes will not be abated.

Earlier this year, Eric Buysse asked the council to assist with the renewal of the property by abating the taxes. The abatement is an incentive to preserve the existing structure and expansion onto the vacant property.

“Hopefully one of the assets is to preserve the tax base in the city and to provide new employment opportunities within the City of Minneota,” said the council. “It’s something that will help the town,” said Councilwoman Amber Rodas, indicating, “So it’s easy to approve it.”

The council felt the benefit from the project outweighs the cost of the abatement.

“My thought would be the taxes this year are little or nothing. I would abate all of it, for two years (2018 and 2019),” said Mayor Rolbiecki.

The abatement is contingent on completion of the restaurant project and will start when the project is complete.

In the audience, Nathan Schmig said, “As a member of the public, I would agree with that.”

Because there is a need in the City of Minneota for a restaurant, the abatement makes a lot of sense.

“You can tie it to the completion of the improvement,” said Attorney Engels.

“I can have it drafted for the next meeting,” said Attorney Engels.

Byron Higgin

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