Shanelle Montana

Wind project’s second phase planned

Redwood River Wind Project, the second phase of the renewable energy project in Lyon County southwest of Minneota between Ivanhoe and Tyler is currently being planned.
Shanelle Montana, senior project developer, Thursday told the Lyon County Board, “Renewable energy is one of the largest renewable energy companies in the county.”
“We are a little bit unique,” said Montana.
EDF Renewable Energy has home offices in San Diego with offices in Minnesota.
She said the impact of her company in 2016 included 950 plus construction jobs; 368 permanent jobs in the United States, $2,211,000 in potent annual farmer/landowner revenue due to land lease payments and 298,238.3 homes powered by wind energy.
As a side-light, she said wind energy saves about 8,674,206,775 bottles of water conserved.
The EDF project in Western Minnesota called Red Pine, provides 200 MW capacity.

Currently about 100 wind turbines have been erected between Minneota, Ivanhoe and Tyler and this new project could include uip to 300 more wind turbines. Montana said that depends onthe size and tuype of the turbines.
Montana said the Minnesota Wind Industry, “Provides great economic input throughout the state.” She indicated 2,000 to 3,000 jobs are created by the wind industry.
“In 2016, 17 percent of all in-state electricity production was produced by wind,” she said.
The 200 megawatt system is interconnected at the Lyon County sub-station. She indicated there may be upgrades needed at the sub-station.
“The project where we are at right now is in very early stages of land development,” said Montana.

“Our big focus right now is securing the land,” said Montana.
“Currently, we have 3,600 acres under contract or in negotiation and we’re proceeding with interconnection,” she said.
Currently two new towers are up, one addition is being planned and environmental analysis is currently underway.
She said the local benefits of the Redwood River Wind project includes 200 temporary jobs, maybe more and 10 long-term permanent positions.

State production taxes have been annual estimated  at $1 million.

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