Hail at the Gronke home.

Hail in the area

Dark skys, thunder and a small amount of rain was all most of the Minneota area got for bad weather early Thursday morning.

But some folks didn't get by quite as easily.

This drawing shows the proposed renovation of the Minneota Elementary School.

Ag2School passes

During the 2017 Minnesota legislative session, a provision known as Ag2School was included in the tax bill. This bill was passed by the Minnesota Legislature and signed by Governor Dayton.

It was moving day Wednesday for the old Bud Bernardy house. The school bought the property and sold the house to Mel Breyfogle for $1. He moved it to a new location. OtterTail helped move the wires.


The former Bud Bernardy home was pulled into place at its new location on Jefferson Street as Louie Buysse watched.


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