Garet DeBoer returns to the Clay Target team after obtaining a varsity average last year.

Minneota roster expands to 35 members

The Minneota clay target team has the biggest roster ever as it enters the 2022 season.
Kent Williams is in his fourth season as head coach. He is assisted by Dale Verschelde (4th year), Ken DeBoer (4th year), Mike Monnet (4th year) and Andy Lasnetski (1st year).
I am really looking forward to this year's competition," said Williams. "We have a 35-member team with a lot of experience from returning members, and a lot of excited energy from new members on the team."
Williams and the other coaches are hoping the team has at least five members that can reach the varsity level this season.
"Last year we struggled to get a full five-person varsity team with at least five members having an average of 19 or more," Williams said.
Garet DeBoer and Hudson Scholten are returning after each obtained a varsity average last season.
"Garet and Hudson are both solid shooters," Williams noted. "Joe Verschelde, and Wyatt Myhre are also up and coming. They were both very close to that varsity average last year."
Of the 35 team members, 14 are newcomers.
"I am excited to see how the new members fit into the mix," said Williams. "I would categorize this year as a solid year with a lot of potential."

2022 roster
SENIORS - Elizabeth DeSmet, Landon DeSmet, Kade Lozinski, Tucker Thooft, Troy Van Keulen

JUNIORS - Nate Allen, Garet DeBoer, Evan Popowski, Michael Popowski, Hudson Scholten, Joseph Verschelde

SOPHOMORES - Robert Beisler, Brayden Monnet, Wyatt Myhre, August VanHecke

FRESHMEN - Bretten Coequyt, Brock Kremin, Gabe Sterzinger

8TH GRADE - August Buysse, Thomas DeSmet, Dawson Dovre, Emerson Johnson, Kaden Lasnetski, Browdy Lozinski

7TH GRADE - Kaden Christensen, Cael Fier, Bradyn Hopper, Cole Johnson, Jents Knutson, Blake Mead, Jaxston Scholten, Garrett Schuttler, Hudson Thostenson, Gavin Wendt, Nolan VanKeulen

2022 shooting dates
at Sportsman's Club
(3:45-5:50 p.m. up to May 19, 3-5:50 p.m. after that)
March 29 & 31
April 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28
May 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 23, 31
June 2, 7, 9

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