Minneota sending four shooters to state meet

Four members of the Minneota Clay Target qualified for the state tournament being held Thursday, June 16 in Alexandria.
To qualify, an athlete must obtain the varsity ranking by shooting an average of 19 targets or above. Garet DeBoer, Hudson Scholten, Thomas DeSmet and Joe Verschelde all averaged 19 or more this season and will compete at the state level.
DeBoer, a junior, had the highest average this season at 22.3. He was followed by Scholten, a junior, at 20.7; DeSmet, an eighth-grader, at 19.8; and Verschelde, a junior, at 19.1.
"Our unfortunate side to this is that we need a full five athletes to get a varsity score to be able to compete as a team at Alexandria," said Minneota coach Kent Williams. "We needed one more athlete to get the full five. While we will still go and compete at the tournament, we will be competing as individuals only."
Just missing the qualifying standard was freshman Brock Kremin at 18.8.
The Minneota team had 36 athletes this season. Rounding out the top 10 averages this season was Wyatt Myhre, a sophomore, 18.3; Tucker Thooft, senior, 17.3; Elizabeth Monnet, senior, 17.2; Nate Allen, junior, 16.8; and Troy Van Keulen, senior, 16.5
At state, each athlete will shoot 100 rounds during the competition.
"To be competitive, you really can't miss," Williams noted. "There will be about 8,000 athletes shooting over the full week. There are always multiple athletes that go there and shoot 100 out of 100."
Scholten and DeBoer earned patches this season for hitting 25 consecutive shots, so hitting 100 is within their grasp.
"I am looking forward to seeing what our top athletes can do up there," said Williams.
All four of Minneota's qualifiers are underclassmen and will be back on the team again next season.
"I really think we have a chance at obtaining a full five athletes that can get to the varsity level next year," Williams said.

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