Minneotans like Travis Gillund (center, above) flocked to Duluth for Grandma’s Marathon last Saturday. Gillund spotted the Minneota fans along the route. While sporting his Minneota Class A State Football Champions shirt, Bruce Bossuyt salutes a group of supporters.Jami Bossuyt and her husband Bruce ran in the Gary Bjorklund half marathon in Duluth on Saturday. Chad Reiss waved to the crowd.Davett Jeremiason recognized the photographer.Lisa Gillund (back, right).

Runnin' at Grandma's

A large contingent of local runners completed the course for Grandma's Marathon and the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon June 16 in Duluth.

Cold weather along the Lake Superior shores, was in stark contrast to the heat and humidity the runners have been training in recently.

Jeff Buysse completed the full marathon, 26.2 miles, while the other runners accomplished the half marathon's 13.1 mile course.

Since the initial race in 1977, Grandma's Marathon has grown bigger than just a 26.2 mile run along the scenic north shore.

Multiple races have been added over the forty plus years to fill the weekend and bring together over 13,000 running buddies.

In total 7,552 runners participated in the half marathon, and 6,094 ran in the full marathon.

Elisha Barno of Sante Fe, New Mexico won the full marathon with a time of two hours, 10 minutes, and six seconds.

Panuel Mkungo of Elkton, Maryland won the half marathon with a time of one hour, two minutes and 50 seconds.

Local Results

Grandma's Marathon 26.2 Mile Course

  • Jeff Buysse - 4 Hours, 50 Minutes, 02 Seconds

Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon 13.1 Mile Course

  • Drew Bouwman - 1 Hour, 34 Minutes, 58 Seconds
  • Brant Buysse - 1 Hour, 45 Minutes, 30 Seconds
  • Lisa Gillund - 1 Hour, 48 Minutes, 12 Seconds
  • Chad Reiss - 1 Hour, 50 Minutes, 21 Seconds
  • Bruce Bossuyt - 1 Hour, 50 Minutes, 50 Seconds
  • Nikki Traen - 2 Hours, 00 Minutes, 16 Seconds
  • Davett Jeremiason - 2 Hours, 02 Minutes, 56 Seconds
  • Rhonda Buysse - 2 Hours, 00 Minutes, 59 Seconds
  • Travis Gillund - 2 Hours, 02 Minutes, 32 Seconds
  • Christa Bouwman - 2 Hours, 03 Minutes, 59 Seconds
  • Jami Bossuyt - 2 Hours, 31 Minutes, 02 Seconds
Drew Bouwman set the pace for the Minneota runners during the half marathon. Photo for the Mascot by Brian Jeremiason.

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