Thomas Hennen received congratulations from his Coach Dave Busselman and was surrounded by his teammates.

Thomas Hennen hits his 1000th point

Nobody told Thomas Hennen he was just 39 points away from scoring 1,000. That was before the Montevideo game when he popped in 28 points.
But the word leaked out and Tuesday night he knew he had just 11 points to go — and so, it appeared, did everyone else.
When he banked in a three-pointer from long range with 53.5 seconds to go in first half, hed reached the plateau many high schoolers only dream about.
Minneota went on to win their ninth game in a row, 83-60 over MACCRAY and Hennen scored 19 points.
“I was nervous but it feels pretty good — but it’s because of my teammates and good coaching,” the Viking junior said.
“It’s been a goal of mine since my freshman year,” he admitted.
When he was younger, he watched players like Dylan Tolk and Daniel Harrison score their 1,000th points.
“I looked up to those guys and set my goal high,” he said.
Summer camps didn’t hurt his game and the new 1,000th point scorer said, “I learned my game there and in Sioux  Falls,” where he spent time in a league.
Among the things he learned was, “How to push the ball up court and keep up the tempo. And I learned the runand gun (style) from our coaches.”
Coach Dave Busselman, “Showed us how to work on our defense and to set our goals high,” said Thomas Hennen.
He’s been watching basketball for a long time with three brothers donning the Viking uniform and playing before him.
“I’ve got big shoes to fill,” he said about his brothers. "I grew up watching them and wanted to be like them,” he said.
“We didn’t want to make a big deal out of it,” said Coach Dave Busselman. “It was nice because we won the game, too,” the coach added.
Fans had cards with 1,000 written on them and the family showed signs to celebrate Thomas’ 1,000 points.
Thomas was presented a basketball, which he turned over to his family before he returned to the playing floor.
When it was over, Minneota had a 9-0 record — and a new 1,000-point scorer.

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