St. Edward School Happenings

Library – Mrs. Jan Bot

The library has been a busy place since school began! Mrs. Bot is trying to get all the new books placed on the shelves. Some have been popular enough that we have begun using “hold” tickets.

Students in grades K-2 will be doing the “Star of the North Picture Book Award” voting again this year. During weekly story time, we are reviewing parts of a book, some of the more common book genre’s and how to care for our library books.

Currently, we are reading books with a fall theme to them. “A child who reads will be an adult who thinks!”

Art & Music- Mrs. Lois Spanton

Music: In music, Grades K/1 have been working on moving & playing instruments on the steady beat.

Grades 2/3 have been creating and performing some 8 beat patterns! Grades 4/5 are finishing up a unit focusing on percussion instruments from around the world and reviewing some simple rhythm basics.

Grades 6/7/8 are working on a review of notes & rests, focusing on values in different time signatures.

They are also working on some special music for our All Saint’s Day Mass on November 1.

Art: All the students are finishing up a Totem Pole project.

We all looked at some examples of real totem poles which are actually carved into trees or big poles and then painted.

Each student chose an animal and created a paper image, trying to copy the style of the Indian carvings. Our totem pole projects are on display near the gym!

Physical Education – Mrs. Emily Hennen

Students K-8 grade started their annual fitness testing using the Fitnessgram protocol. Students ran the PACER test on Monday.

The PACER test assesses a student’s aerobic capacity or cardiovascular endurance, which is the body’s ability to use oxygen efficiently over an amount of time.

On Tuesday, students tested their abdominal strength and endurance by performing a 1-minute sit-up test. Thursday’s test of the one-mile run was postponed due to rainy weather. In the near future, student’s fitness levels will be tested on the pull-up and push-up test (upper body strength and endurance), sit-in reach test and trunk lift (flexibility), and the one-mile run (aerobic capacity).

Spanish – Mrs. Margrit Rabaey

Spanish - This past week we painted colorful serapes that Mexican vaqueros (cowboys) would wear to keep warm while herding cattle.

We have been reviewing our words and expressions from last year and have been learning our numbers. We have also learned some rhyming expressions and some conversational Spanish.


  • Oct. 12 - Birthday Lunch
  • Oct. 13 - Kindergarten visits the Fire Station AR prizes Coloring Contest entries due
  • Oct. 16 - Student council meeting
  • Oct. 17 - End of the 1st quarter – dismiss at 12:00 and Library
  • Oct. 18, 19, 20 – NO School (MEA break)
  • Oct. 23 - Picture retake day
  • Oct. 24 - Library
  • Oct. 25 - School Mass – Grades 3 & 4
  • Oct. 26 - Read for the Record Report Cards sent home
  • Oct. 31 - Trunk or Treat, Saints Day contest, Library, Roller Skating in PE

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