Organizers of With Angel Wings are: (Left to right) Brittany Pridal, Natalie Delmonico and Jessica Woehlhaff.

Heartwarming holiday honor: Remembrance Tree

For families experiencing grief related to a child loss, “With Angel Wings” offers emotional and financial support.

And this year, With Angel Wings will be holding its first “Remembrance Tree Project” for the holidays.

The non-profit organization is based in Canby and was founded in October by three families who have lost a child recently.

“Families can sponsor a tree for $25 and they can decorate it in honor of a loved they are missing this holiday season,” said Natalie Delmonico, the President of With Angel Wings.

“Trees are then displayed at local businesses.”

“With Angel Wings can provide a tree, or if a business has a tree, they can decorate it or the sponsor family can just come in and decorate the business’ tree.”

“If a business doesn’t have a tree, they can borrow one from us.”

Organizers have been contacting businesses in and around the Canby area in hopes of having them display a tree in memory of a loved one.

“The only thing we are asking from the business is the use of their space,” said Delmonico.

“If they already have a tree, we can use it.” “We are not asking businesses to purchase a tree. No one actually is purchasing a tree.”

“The $25 cost goes toward the sponsorship of a tree to be decorated in honor of a loved one.”

The $25 includes a tree sponsorship, an ornament to be placed on the With Angel Wings float that will appear in Canby’s Hometown Holidays Parade of Lights in December, as well as the loved one’s name being read in a remembrance ceremony before the parade.

All proceeds go to support With Angel Wings. Natalie Delmonico and her husband Vince lost their 1 1/2-year-old son Cade in an accident on their farm.

“I knew I had to make some sort of meaning for what happened and I felt like the Lord was calling me to help other families who were experiencing the same thing,” said Natalie.

Delmonico reached out to another mother from Canby, Brittany Pridal, who along with husband Jarrett, lost their daughter Braylee to a rare disease called LCHAS in November of 2017.

Pridal then told Delmonico about another young mother from Canby, Jessica Woehlhaff, who lost her daughter Ivy to a still birth the same day that Delmonico lost her son.

So the three teamed up to form the organization. Pridal is the vice president and Woehlhall, who now lives in Sioux Falls with her husband Eric, is the secretary. Vince Delmonico is the treasurer. “We started paperwork in August of this year,” said Natalie Delmonico.

“And we were officially recognized as a non-profit organization in October.” The Vision Statement of With Angel Wings is to support families through all aspects of child loss. And the Mission Statement of the organization is to provide continual emotional and financial support while creating a safe haven for fellowship to families experiencing grief related to infant/pregnancy loss, sudden death, and medical conditions. “With Angel Wings has three different programs,” said Delmonico.

“Braylee’s Butterflies focuses on child loss related to medical conditions.”

“Cade’s Legacy helps support families who lose their child in a sudden death or accident, And Ivy’s hope focuses on helping families experiencing grief due to pregnancy loss or infant loss.”

Although With Angel Wings was organized to support those who have lost a child, the Tree Remembrance Project this holiday season is for the loss of any family member.

If a business would like to display a tree but have not yet been contacted, they can email or message them via their Facebook page.

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